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Wine! Red, Rosé, White… everyone knows the existence of these fine beverages that are an excellent complement for our food or a reward for a hard, tedious work day. This alcoholic drink is made basically from fermented grapes. WinCalc is a little program for people who have the opportunity to produce their own wine at home.
This tiny program is a great tool to assist you in the several steps you have to go through during the wine production, such as:
Amount of Sugar
Alcohol Content
Acidity Adjustment
During the process, these are probably most of the important parameters you should know and manage well. Fortunately, WinCalc is the right "co-worker" for you! It will calculate these items easily and fast.
You just need to fill out your fields and WinCalc will give you the right answers to your request.
Just for the record, please note that this WinCalc application is downloadable free for personal (non-commercial) use.
We encourage you to visit its web site, there are good recommendations available for your wine production.
If you have the time, space and you really enjoy a good wine, try your own home made wine, make your own production, try any grape varieties and of course use this extra help program to obtain best results! Cheers!

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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